Obama vs. Big Mayo

President Obama’s campaign bus in 08, signifying Hope, Change, and the condiment he absolutely despises!

As we begin spring, I am feeling a bit nostalgic about the very spring-like campaign theme, “Hope and Change”, which was in full swing around this time, back in 2008. Yes, our first known mayo-hating President, took both the political and culinary world by storm. Back then, Barack Obama would have his Presidential Aide, Reggie Love, by his side, the guy procuring all his sandwiches during those long travels around the country. But more importantly, on that same bus, those two men were not just breaking bread together, but were also plotting a war against an evil food cartel. And trust me, war is what Big Mayo got.

Some of the most important initiatives that came from the early years of the Obama White House, specifically targeted this calorie dense, fat laden condiment. First, you of course have the Affordable Care Act, which is a complex health reform bill, creating much more transparency about harmful food than most people ever realized. From the mandatory menu labeling of calories in certain size restaurants, to giving the poor access to medical care where their diet, and let’s remember, this is a type of diet heavily skewed towards mayonnaise, can finally get scrutinized by a doctor. Plus, you have this theme of “prevention” that’s prevalent in many components of the law. For example, did you know that Obamacare forces insurance companies to cover nutrition and obesity screenings? When the Mayonnaise Cartel found out, they of course felt extremely threatened. But that wasn’t even the half of it. You see, First Lady, Michelle Obama, followed things up with her overhaul of school lunch programs which targeted of all things, wait for it…….mayonnaise. Talk about a powerful 1-2 punch by Read more […]

Obama Hates the Mayonnaise !

As soon as Barack Obama admitted to the New York Times that he hates mayo, Holdthemayites across the world began to salivate. The thought of the leader of the culinary world, Rachael Ray, and the potential leader of the free world, coming together on this issue , could mean mayo's days are seriously numbered. Suddenly, thoughts of mayo-free dining areas and tax breaks to restaurants who refuse to create a Satan Sandwich by adding any unsolicited slime do not seem so outlandish.  Looking back, it was a bit premature for this blog to endorse Hillary Clinton, but to our defense, Barrack had not yet come out of the jar.  Many thanks to Charles Memminger, for helping to publicize this story. Charles is an award winning columnist from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin who

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