On the Red Carpet

Special thanks to everyone who attended our test screening of The Mayo Conspiracy, to be a part of an important focus group, before our mayo-breaking film hits the festival circuit. This will be the first ever feature film about the dark history of mayonnaise, putting Big Mayo firmly in defensive mode. Below are some pics of our cast and crew , making their presence known on the red carpet at this sneak preview in Ambler PA.


craig-Horwitz-and-Tony-Vollmer (2) Mayo Conspiracy Screening-_Craig-Tony-with-Big-Mayo IMG_0597 IMG_0595 Mayo Conspiracy Screening-Craig-and-Tara Mayo Conspiracy Screening-Craig-and-Dad Mayo Conspiracy Screening 020 (1) IMG_0601 Mayo Conspiracy Screening-heads-of-ketchup-and-mayo Mayo Conspiracy Screening-BigMayo-and-lumpy marquee2 ticket-wiwndow2 THEATER QandA 1978805_10202656772037264_877392082_n
Film Directors, me and Tony Vollmer, standing in front of the official movie poster.

Happy eating,


Craig Horwitz



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