Hello 2017

Just about everyone agrees that 2016 was a brutal year for taking away our entertainment icons. Hit particularly hard was the music industry as we had to say goodbye to David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Maurice White, (founder of Earth Wind & Fire) Keith Emerson, Prince (as well as his protege Vanity) and most recently, George Michael. Many of these names were just way too young to leave us. Then, shifting over to actors, we need to add Gary Shandling, George Kennedy, Alan Rickman (aka Hans Gruber) Abe Vigoda, Mrs. Brady and of course Princess Carrie Fisher to this very upsetting list. And last but most certainly not least, sports and cultural hero, Muhammad Ali. Many of these people we grew up with so losing them feels like losing pieces of our childhood. This year, we also were hit with one of the darkest, and most stressful Presidential election campaigns ever, regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum. It’s really safe to say that 2016 left a sour taste in all our collective mouths. (much like biting into a sandwich, unexpectedly smothered in mayo) But nobody out there was able to sum up the year better than Larry David, who with poise, grace , and just merely 5 words, pretty much nailed it on the John Oliver show:


On a more positive note, the last few months of 2016 gave way to more cracks in the armor of Big Mayo! (and these were big ones.) The Mayo Conspiracy received two great reviews, shining more light on the unspeakable crimes committed by the mayonnaise industry since they infiltrated America’s food supply back in the 1930’s. One is from the entertainment site, The Knockturnal and the second came from OneFilmFan. And adding to our two previous comedy wins in the festival circuit, The Mayo Conspiracy took home the Best Director award at Read more […]