Time for the Mayo Clinic to Change its Name !

I was checking out a global ranking of life expectancy and after realizing that people from developed Asian countries are clearly living longer, (Japan and Hong Kong are at the top of the list), it’s long overdue for some studies linking their lifestyle to their longevity. And by “lifestyle”, I am mostly referring to diet, of course. You gotta give props to eastern medicine which tends to be more “preventative” than its western counterpart. Another distinction, is their reliance on sea vegetation. But most important of all, Asians do not eat mayonnaise. I double-dog dare you to post even one item from a Japanese restaurant that is contaminated. So the connection is clear . Now it’s just a matter of waiting for some formal study making this link official. When that blessed day arrives, the Mayo Clinic will need to change their horribly ironic name. (wouldn’t it be great if they are the ones who end up doing the study!) Regardless, how can any health organization justify being named after something that is proven to be bad for you? Another reason why this name change is absolutely necessary is to help our movement get better placement in the search engines. (put mayo in any search engine and those mayo clinic peeps come up first, even though have nothing to do with the stuff)

By the way, even though this blog heavily endorses Asian food for its strong anti-mayo stance, there is a China loophole as all Chinese restaurants are evil and officially on the holdthatmayo boycott list. Almost every damn thing on the menu is fried and very tough to digest. Even scarier, they all have these small kitchens with these vast menu’s…very very shady. Who knows what the hell you are actually eating.

By the way, this is not a knock on Chinese restaurants in China as we are talking only about the Americanized version. If they were eating the same thing over there day after day, they would be lucky to hit 30!

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2 comments to Time for the Mayo Clinic to Change its Name !

  • Anonymous

    There is definitely mayo in Japanese restaurants. Some places mix their crab with mayo for California rolls and a lot of rolls have mayo or mayo based 'spicy sauce' on top. They use a Japanese brand, called 'Kewpie.

  • mc

    yeah in japan mayonnaise is quite popular. though i hear their version is slightly different.

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