Trailer for The Mayo Conspiracy

Hot off the presses, here is the first official trailer for The Mayo Conspiracy! Details about a sneak screening will be posted very soon.


I hope you enjoy the trailer and are getting excited about the first ever feature film about the nastiest of emulsions. Spread the word!

15 comments to Trailer for The Mayo Conspiracy

  • Sara

    I thought I was alone! There’s no such thing as a free lunch.. especially when mayo is involved.

  • Nolan

    I’m loving this website. I hate most condiments. Mayo, Salad Dressing and Miracle Whip are extremely disgusting, just the smell turns my stomach. Mustard is super gross too, specially when it is paired with mayo. I hate it when Subway cuts my sandwich with a knife that was used to cut someones sandwich that was oozing with mayo and mustard. I hate sweet relish. I dislike catsup and ketchup because it’s nothing more than tomato flavored syrup. I do like most BBQ sauce because it has spices and other flavors in it. My favorite sauce is A1, I prefer it on my burgers. Salsa is good too.

  • Rhonda

    Wow!!!! Love the trailer and cannot wait to see the film!!! Congrats on such an amazing accomplishment!! I may never look at mayo in the same way.

  • Joan and Burt

    Craig and Tony,
    Congrats on your fantastic trailer presentation of the Mayo Conspiracy.LOVED IT!!

  • Theresa Donahue

    I was on the fence about the white stuff but now that I know Jimmy Fallon hates it, THAT’S IT for me!!
    Thanks for setting me free Mayo Conspiracy!

    BTW….I love your narrator’s sexy voice. Hot, Hot, Hot

  • Peppermelon

    Thank you for finally divulging all the gritty truth about that dreaded ingredient, MAYO.
    I still remember it was Richard Gere’s nickname in An Officer and a Gentleman. Oh the shame for poor Mr. Gere!
    Personally, I never liked the stuff. Total Goo.
    Much success on your film. I guess we’ll all be flying out to the California for the Oscars next year!

  • Joyce

    Can’t wait for the premiere!

  • Chuck

    This should be the Mayo Knock out punch!

  • elena

    Hilarious!! Looking forward to the premier – send to Letterman – a top 10 Mayo list!!

  • Celeste Schor

    Awesome work! I agree, that narrator’s voice is hot. Alla you guys rock!

  • Leslie and Marc

    We enjoyed watching the trailer of your fantastic film! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen. Congratulations!!!

  • HoldThatMayo

    Thanks everyone for your feedback on the trailer!

  • Kate

    I am Kate, I am actually in the movie (I am the girl hitting the pinata) and may I say, I love the trailer, I think the movie will be great. It is inspiration towards keeping mayonnaise away from the people who are against it, such as me for instance. The director and creator is my uncle. He did a great job and I love it already!

    Also, buy lots of HoldThatMayo T-shirts.

  • bootsie

    Can’t wait.

  • James

    I knew it the whole time. Its oil masquerading as something else. Its at the centre of so many things – I’m glad its out there now.

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