The Conspiracy Is Now Available on Amazon!

We have exciting news. The Mayo Conspiracy is now available to view on Amazon, providing instant access to the over 80 million Amazon Prime subscribers as well! Reaction from Big Mayo has been swift, sounding very much like condimentalists in a full state of panic and denial. For example, take a look at this quote from I.B. White, the Mayonnaise Lord who’s been running the cartel since the 1980’s: “Any evidence connecting are product to the Nazi party in the 1930’s or the KGB in the 1950’s is circumstantial at best.” Well, anyone who has seen The Mayo Conspiracy, knows that’s a bold faced lie. As a quick example, the Russian Dressing scandal we detail in our film, connects the cartel directly to the old Soviet Union at the height of the cold war, undoubtedly making mayonnaise the most unpatriotic condiment in American history.

With over 100 million sandwiches eaten a day in the U.S. alone, Big Mayo is willing to kill over being the spread applied to that bread. I mean kill, literally, as regimes have been overthrown for standing in their way. Condimental dissidents have been mayo-boarded for standing in their way. And don’t get me started about how Big Mayo has been fully behind the defunding of both health care and school lunch reforms that originated from an Obama administration, hell bent on tackling our obesity epidemic. These initiatives were saving lives! Ultimately, when the smoke clears, people will learn that big money is the reason why Big Mayo never even hesitated to sell its soul to an entity, residing much much lower than France! Blaming the French for this white goo was merely a cover story. It goes much deeper. The truth is much uglier. The white emulsion is made of 100% pure evil. And now, millions more will be in the know, leaving the mayonnaise cartel with lots of egg on their faces.

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