Obama vs. Big Mayo

As we begin spring, I am feeling a bit nostalgic about the very spring-like campaign theme, “Hope and Change”, which was in full swing around this time, back in 2008. Yes, our first known mayo-hating President, took both the political and culinary world by storm. Back then, Barack Obama would have his Presidential Aide, Reggie Love, by his side, the guy procuring all his sandwiches during those long travels around the country. But more importantly, on that same bus, those two men were not just breaking bread together, but were also plotting a war against an evil food cartel. And trust me, war is what Big Mayo got.

Some of the most important initiatives that came from the early years of the Obama White House, specifically targeted this calorie dense, fat laden condiment. Read more […]

Facebooking Against Big Mayo

As we approach the end of our  summer hiatus,  the mayo fight has been cranked up even another notch.  I am excited  to announce that scores of groups have been  popping up left and right on Facebook and MySpace, bringing together people from all walks of life who share a common enemy. Many of these group memberships are in triple digits, some even four. If you are searching for these holy armies on any of the social networks, it's best to do a key word search that's a bit more specific than “mayo.”  You see,  in addition to being Satan's spew, Mayo also happens to be a county in Ireland and an obscure college in India.  (although not obscure enough to prevent their annoying alumni from organizing facebook groups for their ill-conceived university name.) You will even come across a few sick groups who have a “love of mayo” theme but please don't be scared.  This is actually another positive function of social networking in our War Against Mayo, which we learned way back in the Godfather I and II. (“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”) So for a more targeted search, it's  best to add words like “sucks” , “hate” and “anti” against the terms “mayo” and “mayonnaise.” (Some groups  spell out the full name of the beast.)  So for example, some successful searches would be “mayo sucks” and “hate mayonnaise”  You will be amazed about how many  groups come up during these filtered searches who think the same way as we do. One of the more successful hate groups on Facebook is based out of Malibu California.(their logo is above) They actually organized a huge protest in front of the Heinz factory in downtown Los Angeles on

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