Food Revolution Day

May 19th is being dubbed Food Revolution Day and the health conscious genius behind this endeavor would be Jamie Oliver, star of The Naked Chef, Jamie’s Kitchen, Jamie’s School Dinners and the Emmy award winning, Jamie’s Food Revolution. Believe it or not, food related diseases like obesity and diabetes kill more people than drugs, alcohol and war combined! This video is really a wake up call for taking control of our health, a problem that has no geographical boundaries. Since 1980, worldwide obesity has more than doubled in adults and tripled in children! It’s certainly not a problem that can be fixed overnight but the education and inspiration that will circulate from Food Revolution Day is definitely the right start. At HoldThatMayo headquarters, we fully support this grass-roots campaign cause we are all about helping people make smarter food choices. (and “smart food choices” would never include the empty calories, lurking within a jar of slimy mayo) Massive props Read more […]