Press the “Easy Button” to lower your cholesterol

The “in” thing these days in  medical circles, regardless of a person's age, is  routinely checking  cholesterol levels. Suddenly, we approach a doctor’s appointment like we’re cramming for a  college final, sacrificing as much red meat and saturated fats as possible, in the 11th hour,  to achieve that passing LDL score.  However, would  you also consider drinking  a glass of red wine per day a sacrifice? You see,  discoveries  are happening on multiple fronts  that show  red wine lowers ldl .  (but  not so much its white counterpart) These studies are reinforced by what is known as  “ the  French Paradox” — An  association between red wine and decreased heart disease  in a country  obsessed with cooking in  eggs! (turns out those French mayo-eating bastards can actually teach us a lesson with regard to our beverage consumption).  — This medical fact was first  attributed to resveratrol, a compound found in grapes, which acts as an antioxidant. Now ,  even more recent news came in December

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