Mayonnaise Substitute

War On Mayo

The Global War On Mayo

For those hard-core mayo haters, like myself, we really question the tuna fish requirement since it is soaking in oil anyway. We scoff at the notion that a sandwich requires the white slime when the tomato can moisturize just as well without making the bread soggy. (not to mention, a longer shelf life for any uneaten portion) And last but not least, we are completely offended by utilizing the liquid goo as a filler for crab cakes and horse radish in place of the 100% real thing. However, for those M-heads, set in their ways, not questioning what they put in their bodies, well, to win those hearts, minds and stomachs we need to go beyond preaching the evils of mayonnaise. We need to offer a valid mayo substitute. So this post will focus on the top 3 weapons in our arsenal to help Read more […]