Celebrate Mexico Independence from France (and their condiment)

Since May 5th is just around the corner, we have some great recipes to help you celebrate the international holiday, Stinko de Mayo. Established in 1988 by national award-winning newspaper columnist , Charles Memminger, Stinko de Mayo has become a rallying cry for those of us practicing a mayonnaise-free lifestyle. Although still not quite as popular as it’s sister holiday, Cinco de Mayo, Read more […]

Rachael Ray Assaulted By Katherine McPhee!

Rachael Ray, the TV personality, businesswoman, author, celebrity chef and most importantly, card carrying member of the World Wide I Hate Mayonnaise Club, was sneak attacked by the featured guest on her talk show! Katherine McPhee. the star of the NBC series Smash, is now officially the enemy of the mayo resistance as she tried to Pearl Harbor our fearless leader on national television with mayonnaise.(at the 2:38 mark) Talk about lack of respect for

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California Eating

In order to advertise any omelet specifically  as a “California Omelet” there needs to be an avocado inside.  (As that  fruit is synonymous with California.)  Now I know some foodies out there are questioning the “fruit” label they just read. However, even  though it tastes like a vegetable, the seeds dictate otherwise, very much like the tomato. I would actually prefer that we draw the line between fruit and vegetable by taste, not seeds,  but that is another post. So getting back on point, Californians know their avocado. So no surprise that straight out of the Golden State , comes great news  that the golden avocado can actually replace mayo in tuna and chicken salad. Anti-mayites get beat up for not partaking in these so called  lettuce-free “salads”  but no more, thanks to Michael Goran, Ph.D., professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. He discovered that the smooth avocado texture produces the same effect, while avocados are higher in monounsaturated fatty acids (the good kind) and low in saturated fat. This means that chicken-salad lovers can  lower their cholesterol numbers and stop skeezing out all

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Obama Hates the Mayonnaise !

As soon as Barack Obama admitted to the New York Times that he hates mayo, Holdthemayites across the world began to salivate. The thought of the leader of the culinary world, Rachael Ray, and the potential leader of the free world, coming together on this issue , could mean mayo's days are seriously numbered. Suddenly, thoughts of mayo-free dining areas and tax breaks to restaurants who refuse to create a Satan Sandwich by adding any unsolicited slime do not seem so outlandish.  Looking back, it was a bit premature for this blog to endorse Hillary Clinton, but to our defense, Barrack had not yet come out of the jar.  Many thanks to Charles Memminger, for helping to publicize this story. Charles is an award winning columnist from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin who

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Fear of a dry sandwich

Mayonnaise is the most disgusting thing on this planet and it needs to be stopped. At Holdthatmayo Headquarters, we initially thought the best way to fight this beast was to endorse other condiments. But contributing to the Ketchup lobby backfired . If unsupervised, ketchup will stray to the other side of the tracks, hang with the “wrong element” and boom, come back as Russian dressing. (which can easily find its way back on an unsuspecting sandwich in most Jewish deli's) Hence the mayonnaise comes full circle and thus, has the last laugh,. Next, we looked at Mustard but turns out, that can not be trusted either. You see, its kissing cousin, Dijon, may occasionally cross over to the “other side” of the tracks and mix with you know what. Yup, mayo is indeed the condiment whore.

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