Rachael Ray Assaulted By Katherine McPhee!

Rachael Ray, the TV personality, businesswoman, author, celebrity chef and most importantly, card carrying member of the World Wide I Hate Mayonnaise Club, was sneak attacked by the featured guest on her talk show! Katherine McPhee. the star of the NBC series Smash, is now officially the enemy of the mayo resistance as she tried to Pearl Harbor our fearless leader on national television with mayonnaise.(at the 2:38 mark) Talk about lack of respect for the famous foodie who has conducted ground-breaking research on removing the mayo requirement from potato salad! Luckily Rachael defended herself admirably. Although no harm was done, we are officially calling for a boycott of the TV series, Smash, due to this unprovoked attack on our Commanding General of the War on Mayo! Although admittedly, the show is already in trouble without any such boycotts, due to its drop in the ratings. Chalk that one off to karma!

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