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  • Ryan pratt

    Hello there, my name Is Ryan pratt. And i am 12 years old, I have this weird thing where if a drop of mayonnaise on a sandwich makes me extremely grossed out! And not just grossed out, it makes me shake and quiver my lips. But I have been sort of bullied by my family about it, like how I get all nervous around mayonnaise. And one time my mom actually chased me around the house with a squirt bottle of it… She thought it was a joke and I mean i probably did look funny but I mean I wasn’t kidding I was afraid of that mayonnaise! So I guess what I’m saying is thank you for creating this website and posting recipes! Sincerely: Ryan Pratt

  • Sally

    I am a life long mayo hater and so happy to know there are others that find it as gross as I do. When ordering a sandwich, I find it helpful to say in a humorous way, “if there is any mayo on my sandwich, I will freak out!!!!”. I think it helps!

  • Ava

    Hey friends. Mayo haters. I too hate mayo like, A LOT!!! It is Super Bowl Sunday and guess what I found in my fridge? A JAR OF MAYO!!!! I called my parents crying and asked them if I could throw it out. If that doesn’t explain how much I hate it, idk what will…

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