Mayo-Hating Celebrities

A recent article in Popular Science put the GMA (Global Mayo Aversion) at 20%. That’s up a whole 5 points since the release of our film, The Mayo Conspiracy! Even more good news: Mayo has been scoring extremely high in the disgust department among millennials, leading the recent decline in mayonnaise sales. Bottom line, the mayo resistance is growing exponentially, and now more than ever, we aren’t afraid to speak out against the tyranny of Big Mayo! So in regards to people speaking out, let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who have been championing our cause.

Here’s a video clip of Jimmy Fallon dissing mayonnaise. (spoiler alert: it reminds him of pus) Of all these celebrities, Jimmy has been the most public about his disgust and thus, is a hero to our community. In addition to the short clip, there’s even more video out there, as well as written pieces, documenting Jimmy’s feelings about this non-consensual emulsion.

Television personality, businesswoman, celebrity chef, and author, Rachael Ray, has frequently gone public about her dislike of mayonnaise. She even promotes a “no mayo” potato salad as well as a cole slaw, clear of any type of emulsifying infection, by focusing on those classic mayonnaise substitutes.

While trolling twitter for mayonnaise posts, I was pleasantly surprised to come across this tweet from Rihanna. She was replying  to some pervert who suggested she should put mayonnaise on spaghetti. Yuk! Notice how HATE is in all caps. And this tweeting trail confirms that political commentator and author, David Frum, has it out for the gooey emulsion as well.

    Syndicated radio show host, Danielle Monaro, talks freely about her fear and hatred of mayonnaise on the Elvis Duran show. So much so, that during a segment where the show was making a formal donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Elvis Duran offered to up the ante by 5k, if Danielle would eat a spoonful of mayo. She miraculously pulled it off without hurling (there is video evidence) and instantly became even more of a hero to our anti-mayo community, for we understand the sacrifice she made for those kids better than anyone else. Here is the clip, proving she is indeed a very brave woman.(the mayo part starts around 3 minutes in)



I am Jewish and thus, I can tell you our people have a long and storied tradition of being offended by the mere concept of mayonnaise, especially on the signature sandwiches that you find inside the top Jewish Deli’s. In fact what you could easily call a “celebrity deli” referenced in music and film, none other than the Katz Deli, gives the middle finger to mayonnaise right on their menu. (for those ballsy enough to disgrace their patented Pastrami) You will find the warning “Ask for Mayo at your own peril” next to the Katz Pastrami description.

Just like the subtext of many classic Woody Allen films with Jewish themes (looking at Annie Hall uncomprehendingly after she orders bologna on white bread with mayo) you can also spot it in Curb Your Enthusiasm. (like when Larry David chastises a friend for lathering mayo on the bread of a tuna fish sandwich when the stuff is already in the tuna!) So no surprise when I found a clip from the John Oliver show, cementing Larry David’s hate. John Oliver did this montage of people on the street saying what they hated most about 2016 and then out of the blue, Larry David comes in to say this. By the way, speaking of the John Oliver show, one of their emmy-winning writers, Jill Twiss, is a hard-core mayo hater. She says it proudly on her twitter bio so of course I follow her.: Plus, she is one of the funniest people on twitter!

Okay here is the big one. Lots of references in print to President Obama’s hatred of mayonnaise, including the NY Times, Food and Wine and this Business Insider profile of Reggie Love, Obama’s body man during the 2008 campaign. Reggie is significant because he was the guy ordering Obama’s sandwiches during that historic first campaign. President Obama is the only one on this list that does not have a firsthand quote. However, he is no longer President and I strongly believe he is dying to throw Big Mayo under the bus for it’s the stuff that tormented him during his formative years in Hawaii. You see, Hawaiian cuisine is so full of mayo, you really have to watch your step. (we show in The Mayo Conspiracy how they even sneak it into the chili) Let’s not forget, that Presdient Obama identifies himself as African American and just like in the Jewish tradition, mayonnaise is their mortal enemy, documented brilliantly in the film, Undercover Brother

So this is just a very small sampling of the brave celebrities, not afraid to speak out against the mayo tyranny. There are plenty more out there, especially since we now know, based on last year’s Popular Science article, it is as high as 20% of the population. So in theory, that is 1 in 5 celebrities. By the way, I always suspected the screenwriter from the film, The Whole 9 Yards, is a rabid mayo hater based on this fun rant by Bruce Willis.

Happy eating,

Craig Horwitz

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