Mayo-Hating Celebrities

A recent article in Popular Science put the GMA (Global Mayo Aversion) at 20%. That’s up a whole 5 points since the release of our film, The Mayo Conspiracy! Even more good news: Mayo has been scoring extremely high in the disgust department among millennials, leading the recent decline in mayonnaise sales. Bottom line, the mayo resistance is growing exponentially, and now more than ever, we aren’t afraid to speak out against the tyranny of Big Mayo! So in regards to people speaking out, let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who have been championing our cause.

Here’s a video clip of Jimmy Fallon dissing mayonnaise. (spoiler alert: it reminds him of pus) Of all these celebrities, Jimmy has been the most public about his disgust and thus, is a hero to our community. In addition to the short clip, there’s even more video out there, as well as written pieces, documenting Jimmy’s feelings about this non-consensual emulsion.

Television personality, businesswoman, celebrity chef, and author, Rachael Ray, has frequently gone public about her dislike of mayonnaise. She even promotes a “no mayo” potato salad as well as a cole slaw, clear of any type of emulsifying infection, by focusing on those classic mayonnaise substitutes.

While trolling twitter for mayonnaise posts, I was pleasantly surprised to come across this tweet from Rihanna. She was replying to some pervert who suggested she should put mayonnaise on spaghetti. Yuk! Notice how HATE is in all caps. And this tweeting trail confirms that political commentator and author, Read more […]

Fear of a dry sandwich

Mayonnaise is the most disgusting thing on this planet and it needs to be stopped. At Holdthatmayo Headquarters, we initially thought the best way to fight this beast was to endorse other condiments. But contributing to the Ketchup lobby backfired . If unsupervised, ketchup will stray to the other side of the tracks, hang with the “wrong element” and boom, come back as Russian dressing. (which can easily find its way back on an unsuspecting sandwich in most Jewish deli's) Hence the mayonnaise comes full circle and thus, has the last laugh,. Next, we looked at Mustard but turns out, that can not be trusted either. You see, its kissing cousin, Dijon, may occasionally cross over to the “other side” of the tracks and mix with you know what. Yup, mayo is indeed the condiment whore.

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