HoldThatMayo Gaining Momentum in Canada of all Places !

At first , I was surprised to see holdthatmayo.com really start to take hold in Canada. You see, initially, I had completely written off that country. In case you are not already aware,  it's a hotbed of mayonnaise consumption up there! (most likely due to that nasty French influence) But as the hits kept pouring in from our northern neighbors, it got me thinking that Canada is a place where the  seeds of condiment  discontent can most flourish.  It's like we're taking the battle to ground zero where not even hamburgers are safe.

So with that in mind, it's time to honor the film “The Whole Nine Yards.” It takes place in the Great White North and accurately depicts the deplorable eating conditions our non-French Canadian Comrades experience.  Bruce Willis has a fantastic anti-mayo rant that will begin at the 1:10 mark on the clip to your right. It kinda puts everything into perspective.

Happy Eating,


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