The Meatrix

Meatrix, featured on the right nav, is extremely creative, in addition to being eye opening. Please check out this film as it is important to learn the truth about the greedy “Factory Farming” corporations. Unlike past  animal protests, the makers of the Meatrix are carnovoirs, giving them instant street cred. (which is why they instantly caught my attention)You see, they are not questioning the place for human beings on top of the food chain; only the inhumane conditions in these factory farms. Moopheus, the leader of the resistance,  knows that he will eventually die to become steak. That is his calling since God made him so delicious.  Moopheus just wants to die with dignity in a cleaner home farm; to not be pumped up with antibiotics that lead  to dangerously unhealthy meat, milk and eggs. In the wild, animals hunt their prey and instantly kill them for food. They don't torture them beforehand. So let's all support independent home farming by eating organic products. In the longrun, we'll be much healthier by consuming more nutritious food without the harmful pesticides and antibiotics.

On a semi-related note,  as you probably already know, September is National Bacon Awareness month. Although September is still quite a bit away, here at, we're already planning how we'll celebrate the theme throughout the month. This will include trading recipes chock full of bacon, closely examining the harsh religous persecution of the pig throughout history and having fun contests. For example I'll be giving out free organic bacon to the person who can post a food on this blog , excluding liquids and deserts, that I can not make better by adding bacon. This could be the most challenging contest ever as there will probably will not be any winners. But in case  you can actually figure out a food that will not benefit from the addition of bacon,  a miracle food, a gift from God, the ultimate pizza topping, well, then freebies are on the way. (yup, don't even think about guessing Pizza because  the jury is already out on that) The promotion is still a bit away,  but it's never  too soon to start experimenting with other dishes. Just  remember that deserts and liquids do not count ! No matter what types of salads, sandwiches or meats you end up throwing  my way, good freakin luck trying to stump me. Also, please check out  I Heart Bacon , a wonderful web site that focuses more exclusively on matters of the pig. (which is so close to all our hearts)

Happy eating,


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  • Anonymous

    How about Sunday Gravy (known by the non-eyetalian as spaghetti sauce)? You would be committing sacrilege by adding bacon to the mix. Not that Italians don't love bacon and bacon-like products – think panchetta, prosciutto (and prosciutto with mozzerella – the loophole)… I just can't imagine bacon being part of the Sunday Gravy tradition…

  • Anonymous

    Jeni, Thanks so much for the guess but you should wait until we officially start the promotion, closer to awareness month. Also, as an f.y.i., “spaghetti sauce” (I am non-Italian) would have been disqualified since it is a liquid.
    Best of luck and happy eating,

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