Why Big Mayo is so threatened by Health Care Reform

obamacareWith a looming government shutdown, merely over a certain party’s concern about affordable healthcare for everyone, it’s time to really examine who is pulling the strings . You see, it goes a bit deeper than the Republican party.

Yes, it was named the Affordable Care Act to make health insurance more “affordable” for consumers. However it also makes it more affordable from the provider end as well. The financial consequences of having a large uninsured class is that we are forced to treat people in Emergency Rooms, which is exponentially more expensive than a doctor’s office. Also, the media needs to start focusing more on the multiple provisions in the law related to “preventative care.” This will help stave off future illness and cost. (more on that a bit later) Therefore, it’s not really logical for Republicans, the so-called party of “budget hawks” to oppose such a cost-saving initiative. (especially with health care costs rising at unsustainable rates)

Republicans are also complaining that Health Care Reform is a full government takeover but that is not true. The public option was defeated during the initial debate so health insurance will continue in the private market. It will not be run by the government However, there is a government mandate to purchase health insurance as that is the only way such a system works in theory. Republicans complain that is a violation of our basic freedom but there is hypocrisy in the fact they have no issue with Americans being mandated to purchase car insurance. What is the difference? Again, it is the concept of a mandate that helps keep costs down. Without a health insurance mandate, guess who is footing the bills for all of the expensive medical care given to the uninsured in emergency rooms throughout the county…. Yup, insured Americans! And guess what: This is the same exact mandate that has been extremely successful in Massachusetts, since it was introduced by Governor Romney, the candidate who ran against Obamacare as a main talking point in the last presidential election. It’s also the  same exact mandate supported by prominent Republicans back  in the 90’s including President George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole! The more you dig, the more you see this is not a traditional Republican issue.

Let’s move onto their next beef with the Affordable Care Act. Conservatives claim it opens the door to socialism, even though we already have programs like Social Security and Medicare in the United States. So where are they drawing the line? It just does not add up?

Now, let’s get back to the “preventative” angle as that is the main reason why Republicans Big Mayo is so threatened by this law. They’re worried about it cutting into their 100 billion dollar per year industry.  And adding fuel to the fire, the person this reform is named after, President Obama, is on record for hating their white goo.  You see, this is all about transparency.  As more people get into the health care system, the word gets out that mayonnaise is by far the most calorie dense, fat-laden condiment out there. And though the majority of medical professionals, let alone common sense, dictate against spooning out raw eggs onto your afternoon sandwich, the most toxic part of mayo is something else: the processed, refined soybean oil. This contains an excess of omega 6 fatty acids which dangerously unbalances your omega 6 to omega 3 ratio as well as contributing to internal inflammation. And it’s not just about becoming more nutritionally informed at your doctor’s office. A little-noticed Obamacare provision is the Labeling law, which will have a huge impact on the fight against obesity. (and thus mayo) Restaurant menus and drive thru’s will be forced to become more transparent about calories and the public will see firsthand, soiling a perfectly healthy sandwich with mayo will officially cross the line into unhealthy territory. Let’s face it, as soon as you start having any conversations about preventative health , you open the door for scrutinizing our diet. That is the main reason why I support Health Care reform and the main reason why the Mayo Lobby is so threatened by it…. Enough to use their money and muscle to start pulling the strings of key Republicans. Think about it, their all white, food additive must have been an easy sale to the party of absolutely no diversity.


If the government shuts down this Tuesday it will be officially on the same day the new Insurance Exchanges open for business. Coincidence? I think not!


Happy eating,


Craig Horwitz

3 comments to Why Big Mayo is so threatened by Health Care Reform

  • I love your “stance” on mayo lol!

  • Addie

    Im a republican and i.absolutly hate mayo try selling your message to both parties

    • HoldThatMayo

      Hey Addie,

      Thanks so much for the note. We certainly welcome our Republican mayo-hating friends into this community. I would never consider this blog to be Democrat or Republican in nature. There are a gazillian political issues out there and it just so happens we lean towards the Democrats on the only one that loosely relates to our subject matter. (I even consider it more of an old-school Republican view than a Democratic one.) Regardless, it doesn’t mean we lean that way on any other political hot-buttons. It really is true that our current President hates the white goo but it would also be fun to dig up a Republican stance that can be drawn to some good ole fashion, mayophobia. Challenge accepted!

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