Foodies Love Man V. Food

Once not to love about a guy sacrificing his body in the name of a plaque on a restaurant wall of fame or perhaps a free t-shirt, just for eating some ridiculous amount of food. Hence the allure of the Travel’s channel hit show, Man V. Food, where the host, Adam Richman, combines eating , travel, and the wide world of sports . The challenges are so intense that the food many times is the victor, yet Adam would always make himself available for the post game press conference. (looking as battered as a prized fighter who just went 15 rounds.) However, just like any great athlete , there comes a time when your stomach and bowels can not compete at the same competitive level so it was sad news when Adam announced his retirement from competitive eating. The official response was “ after doing 59 food challenges for the show, the “spectacle diminishes over time,” and viewers would have eventually become bored if the show continued. “ But behind the scenes, confirms that the retirement was highly motivated by health concerns, which is not a stretch after viewing the clip below, But we have to give him props for calling it a day before his skills took a serious slide . He gets to retire from his game on top like when he took on 72 ounces of steak in 1 hour! Notice his use of condiments (non mayo based) to help the steak slide down.

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