Happy 7-Eleven day!!!

In terms of convenience stores, this blog has always thrown its endorsement to Wawa. And all you have to do is look towards their deli to see the reason. Come on now, fresh deli sandwiches where you have total “condiment control” via a computer monitor. Wawa’s sandwich technology clearly provides peace of mind for the mayo haters of the world ! However, today’s date is 7-11 and the one technology that Wawa could not duplicate (nor any other store for that matter) would be the slurpee. And since 7-11 is giving out free slurpees today, in honor of their 80th anniversary on what they are deeming “7-Eleven day,” a plug seems to be in order. The slurpee brings back many fond childhood memories for me so I will definitely be making a pit-stop today to officially celebrate.

So why is the slurpee so special? Clearly , it has to do with the secret ingredient, locked away in some vault inside Southland corporation .. Some brave souls have even attempted to break in, “Mission Impossible” style and are now doing hard, slurpee-free time due to their failed attempts. Here’s what we know. Obviously , slurpees are made from chopped ice and syrup. The syrup seems to be some type of carbonated flavoring and some type of sweetener , but there is also a 3rd mystery ingredient. It’s that 3rd ingredient that Southland execs have sworn to take to their grave or else be terminated, Schwarzenegger style.

Here’s the funny thing. Did you know that you can actually buy a slurpee machines online! They are sold on eBay and other web sites. They aren’t hard to find but they cost about $10,000. What you can’t buy is the syrup. It is copyrighted and protected . And that is where the goodness lies.

So maybe if we all put our heads together, we can break the slurpee code on this blog.???

Happy slurping,


2 comments to Happy 7-Eleven day!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I missed it ! I could have gone for a slurpee and a dog yesterday. So do they do this every year on 7-11?

  • Anonymous

    July 11 is always known as “7-11 Day”, during which participating 7-Eleven stores offer up to 1,000 customers a free 7.11-oz. Slurpee of their choice. So there is always next year!

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