An Instrument of Torture


Still from “The Mayo Conspiracy” (click to enlarge)

One of the most disturbing events uncovered in the upcoming film, The Mayo Conspiracy, relates to a controversial technique utilized for “enhanced interrogations.” Known officially in secret circles as “Mayo-boarding”, this practice creates the sensation that one is literally drowning in the emulsion. No doubt it’s an extremely effective means of gathering intelligence. Who wouldn’t talk to avoid a mayonnaise bombardment. However, the bigger question is the legal one: Should mayoboarding be considered unconstitutional? Those folks born with a normal aversion to mayonnaise would certainly lean towards the “torture” interpretation, in which case, we should consider ourselves above such behavior. (especially in a democratic society) But then again, what if information is really really needed? What if national security is at risk? It’s a tough call. When it’s not a black and white issue, any good movie, like The Mayo Conspiracy, can really make you think. Very interested in hearing your opinions on mayoboarding so please, leave some comments!

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Craig Horwitz

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