McDonalds Getting Desperate

It has been over 3 years since its release and it seems like McDonalds has definitely been feeling the ill effects of the Super Size Me phenomenon. America is now more educated than ever about the toxicity of fast food so McDonalds first responded with a few semi-healthy additions to their menu. However, a little yogurt for desert is not going to counteract all the ill effects of that low quality, fried burger smothered with mayo. No McDonalds , there is nothing special about your so called “special sauce.” We all know it spoiled mayo so let’s call a spade a spade! And as far as your salads, you even managed to screw up your vegetables.  Recent research claims that  McDonalds’  salads contain nearly a third more salt than a Big Mac and Fries. And once you add that disgusting mayo-based dressing, the overall calorie count is competitive as well. Clearly, these lame-ass attempts were not enough to appease a more health conscious nation when it comes to fast food and since their customers’ collective sub-conscious are still addicted to Big Macs like lab rats, why not resort to subliminal advertising. Yup, you heard me right; very very shady stuff. If you want to see the proof first-hand, check out this frame by frame analysis of a recent Iron Chef episode.

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