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Welcome! You found  the premier blog to discuss, debate, and learn about food. This is OUR community so you are encouraged to add your own spin to the food rants , answer our important surveys, trade mayo-free recipes, participate in restaurant boycotts, challenge yourself with our culinary crosswords, and most importantly, have some fun along the way. You can even purchase some really cool apparel to help spread the word to stop spreading that nasty condiment! However, becoming a part of our mayo hating community means more than sharing a dream of a world without mayonnaise.(where you would never even have to say the redundant phrase ‘Hold The Mayo” anymore) It also means that you really care about the type of food you put in your stomach;  It means you are passionate about making the world a better place to eat;  It means you thrive on being a part of something really big. You see, mayo is also a metaphor for everything that is soulless and wrong in the culinary world. If us foodies unite, we can start calling the shots and make HoldThatMayo.com the #1 food blog on the web!

Happy eating,


3 comments to HoldThatMayo.com – More than a Food Blog; a Food Revolution!

  • Anonymous

    Yo, these tshirts are actually really stylish. I definitely need to get one in order to make a statement against the cole slaw in my school cafeteria.

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone,”CLICK on the t-shirt above and see what a genius my boyfriend is!!!”
    Craig, you did a GREAT job with the shirt designs and choices. The apron is a very clever addition. The descriptions for each clothing item are awesome. It's like you knew what I was thinking when I saw each item for the first time! Congratulations on a job well done. I will happily wear any of the styles, but I still love mayo!

  • Anonymous

    your love of m. makes me cry

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