Getting Drunk on Bacon

Whenever I go off about bacon being a gift from God , being able to create world-peace, complementing every single dish on earth, yada yada yada, I always exclude beverages and deserts in the fine print. (even the most rabid bacon fanatic would surely hurl at the sight of bacon bits on their chocolate milkshake) However, after a recent trip to Las Vegas, I learned that “alcoholic” beverages might be a whole different ballgame. Believe it or not, there's a place in sin city called the Double-Down saloon that serves a Bacon-tini. It's basically alcohol poured over raw bacon and aged a week in the fridge! (the version in the pic below looks like it is a cooked version which dependent upon your perspective, could make it more appealing)  Sadly, as pro-bacon as I am, I couldn't go there.  But for what it's worth, I am now feeling a twinge of regret. However, I am hopeful  that some of our readers will find the internal strength, overcome their fear of salmonella , and take the plunge, the next time they are in Vegas. If so, please post the details here so I can vicariously drink this sweet nectar of the pig .

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