Getting Drunk on Bacon

Whenever I go off about bacon being a gift from God , being able to create world-peace, complementing every single dish on earth, yada yada yada, I always exclude beverages and deserts in the fine print. (even the most rabid bacon fanatic would surely hurl at the sight of bacon bits on their chocolate milkshake) However, after a recent trip to Las Vegas, I learned that “alcoholic” beverages might be a whole different ballgame. Believe it or not, there's a place in sin city called the Double-Down saloon that serves a Bacon-tini. It's basically alcohol poured over raw bacon and aged a week in the fridge! (the version in the pic below looks like it is a cooked version which dependent upon your perspective, could make it more appealing)  Sadly, as pro-bacon as I am, I couldn't go there.  But for what it's worth, I am now feeling a twinge of regret. However, I am hopeful  that some of our readers will find the internal strength, overcome their fear of salmonella , and take the plunge, the next time they are in Vegas. If so, please post the details here so I can vicariously drink this sweet nectar of the pig.

Happy eating,


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  • Anonymous

    Several places in South Philly have started making bacon themed drinks. With brunch, The Royal and The POPE now both have bacon Bloody Marys. There are also several places that do specials on bacon vodka. I hope you consider this crucial information next time we invite you out to weekend brunch!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent tip for our warriors entrenched in the South Philly area or just visiting. Tomato and bacon go together like peanut butter and jelly. (hmm, any good peanut butter and jelly vodka drinks out there?) Anyway, I'd like to give these cutting edge places a plug so I am including their urls below:

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