There’s Something About Hoagies

One could say that Jon Waxman was destined to become a Head Hoagie Honcho in the Philadelphia area, growing up within walking distance from what many experts believe to be the finest Hoagie joint in the Delaware Valley, the original Lee’s Hoagie House in the historic Mt. Airy section of the city. Self-described as “never being much of a brown-bagger,” a Lee’s Hoagie was always a stone’s throw away and thus, Waxman’s “go-to” sandwich for school lunches and field trips. (Rumor has it that the mere presence of a Lee’s Hoagie could make the school cafeteria’s Salisbury Steak turn green with envy) Lee’s Hoagie House has since grown to a chain of 17 restaurants, winning several “Best of Philly” awards along the way. And guess who is now the proud owner of two of those 17 franchises…… Jon Waxman. But more on him in a bit. First, for our non-Philly readers, let’s have a quick crash course on Hoagies 101. It was made the official sandwich of Philadelphia back in 1992, on Read more […]