The Mayo Conspiracy

Written & directed by Anthony J. Vollmer & Craig Horwitz

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California Premiere

Laurel official selection 2015The Mayo Conspiracy was named an official selection of The World’s Independent Film Festival, taking place in San Francisco from Sept 25th to Sept 27th. All films will be screened at The New People Cinema, a 143 seat theater which has hosted numerous festivals in the past. For those living in or around the Golden Gate city, we hope to see you out there! Within the next couple weeks, Read more […]

Preparing for Stinko De Mayo

Since May 5th is just around the corner, we have some great recipes to help you celebrate the international holiday, Stinko de Mayo. Established in 1988 by national award-winning newspaper columnist , Charles Memminger, Stinko de Mayo has become a rallying cry for those of us practicing a mayonnaise-free lifestyle. Although still not quite as popular as it’s sister holiday, Cinco de Mayo, Read more […]

Bucks County “Sneak Preview” of The Mayo Conspiracy


I am happy to announce a Bucks County Sneak Preview will be taking place at the County Theater in Doylestown, PA. The date is Saturday, Nov. 15th at 11:00 am. (a date that will live in condimental infamy) You can also check out our trailer on Vimeo. This will be our last “test screening” before we finalize the film and start hitting the festival circuit.

The Mayo Conspiracy showcases the real-life history of mayonnaise in American culture through a fictionalized prism, where the condiment’s seedy underbelly is Read more […]

An Instrument of Torture

One of the most disturbing events uncovered in the upcoming film, The Mayo Conspiracy, relates to a controversial technique utilized for “enhanced interrogations.” Known officially in secret circles as “Mayo-boarding”, this practice creates the sensation Read more […]

There’s Something About Hoagies

One could say that Jon Waxman was destined to become a Head Hoagie Honcho in the Philadelphia area, growing up within walking distance from what many experts believe to be the finest Hoagie joint in the Delaware Valley, the original Read more […]

On the Red Carpet

The cast and crew of The Mayo Conspiracy made their presence known on the red carpet at our exclusive local showing in Read more […]

Exclusive Local Showing of The Mayo Conspiracy

mayo-tickets-largeIf you are living in the Philadelphia area, there is a great opportunity to attend a test screening of The Mayo Conspiracy, and thus, be a part of an important focus group, before it hits the festival circuit. The date to circle on your calendar is Read more […]

Trailer for The Mayo Conspiracy

Hot off the presses, here is the first official trailer for The Mayo Conspiracy! Details about a sneak screening will be posted very soon.

Trailer for The Mayo Conspiracy from Craig Horwitz on Vimeo.

Read more […]

The Mayo Conspiracy

I am proud to announce that after several months of filming, “The Mayo Conspiracy” is very close to heading into post-production. This will be the first ever feature film about the dark history of mayonnaise, putting Big Mayo firmly in defensive mode as Read more […]

The Mayo Mountains of Chile

According to a report in The Lancet, one of the oldest and most prestigious medical journals, cardiovascular disease is a major health problem in Chile. It represents the leading cause of death among adults in that country. Combine this with the fact that Chile’s mayo consumption is 3rd per capita in the world, and it’s clear that The Lancet is jumping on the anti-mayo bandwagon. Check out The Daily Show’s entertaining report about Chileans’ obsession with the White Poison.   Read more […]