Canadian Debut

The Mayo Conspiracy will be making its Canadian debut at the Muskoka Independent Film Festival on August 29th. Showtime is 9:45 pm. The festival is located in the quaint resort village of Rosseau at the top of Muskoka, where it’s not uncommon for movie stars, hockey players or captains of industry to pass by you on the street unnoticed. Looking forward to getting our film in front of an Ontario audience and exposing the evil inner workings of the Mayonnaise Cartel to our northern neighbor.

Now that our film is playing festivals around the country, or make that around the world, the easiest way to follow our future destinations and showings is to like our facebook page. We recently surpassed 1,000 fans but now our goal is to double Read more […]

California Premiere

Laurel official selection 2015The Mayo Conspiracy was named an official selection of The World’s Independent Film Festival, taking place in San Francisco from Sept 25th to Sept 27th. All films will be screened at The New People Cinema, a 143 seat theater which has hosted numerous festivals in the past. For those living in or around the Golden Gate city, we hope to see you out there! Within the next couple weeks, Read more […]

Celebrate Mexico Independence from France (and their condiment)

Since May 5th is just around the corner, we have some great recipes to help you celebrate the international holiday, Stinko de Mayo. Established in 1988 by national award-winning newspaper columnist , Charles Memminger, Stinko de Mayo has become a rallying cry for those of us practicing a mayonnaise-free lifestyle. Although still not quite as popular as it’s sister holiday, Cinco de Mayo, Read more […]

An Instrument of Torture

One of the most disturbing events uncovered in the upcoming film, The Mayo Conspiracy, relates to a controversial technique utilized for “enhanced interrogations.” Known officially in secret circles as “Mayo-boarding”, this practice creates the sensation Read more […]

Trailer for The Mayo Conspiracy

Hot off the presses, here is the first official trailer for The Mayo Conspiracy! Details about a sneak screening will be posted very soon.

Read more […]

There’s Something About Hoagies

One could say that Jon Waxman was destined to become a Head Hoagie Honcho in the Philadelphia area, growing up within walking distance from what many experts believe to be the finest Hoagie joint in the Delaware Valley, the original Lee’s Hoagie House in the historic Mt. Airy section of the city. Self-described as “never being much of a brown-bagger,” a Lee’s Hoagie was always a stone’s throw away and thus, Waxman’s “go-to” sandwich for school lunches and field trips. (Rumor has it that the mere presence of a Lee’s Hoagie could make the school cafeteria’s Salisbury Steak turn green with envy) Lee’s Hoagie House has since grown to a chain of 17 restaurants, winning several “Best of Philly” awards along the way. And guess who is now the proud owner of two of those 17 franchises…… Jon Waxman. But more on him in a bit. First, for our non-Philly readers, let’s have a quick crash course on Hoagies 101. It was made the official sandwich of Philadelphia back in 1992, on Read more […]

The Mayo Mountains of Chile

According to a report in The Lancet, one of the oldest and most prestigious medical journals, cardiovascular disease is a major health problem in Chile. It represents the leading cause of death among adults in that country. Combine this with the fact that Chile’s mayo consumption is 3rd per capita in the world, and it’s clear that The Lancet is jumping on the anti-mayo bandwagon. Check out The Daily Show’s entertaining report about Chileans’ obsession with the White Poison.   Read more […]

Why Big Mayo is so threatened by Health Care Reform

obamacareWith a looming government shutdown, merely over a certain party’s concern about affordable healthcare for everyone, it’s time to really examine who is pulling the strings . You see, it goes a bit deeper than the Republican party.

Yes, it was named the Affordable Care Act to make health insurance more “affordable” for consumers. However it also makes it more affordable from the provider end as well. The financial consequences of having a large uninsured class is that we are forced to treat people in Emergency Rooms, which is exponentially more expensive than a doctor’s office. Also, the media needs to start focusing more on the multiple provisions in the law related to “preventative care.” This will help stave off future illness and cost. (more on that a bit later) Therefore, it’s not really logical for Republicans, the so-called party of “budget hawks” to oppose such a cost-saving initiative. Read more […]

Mayo in Top 100 Most Unhealthy Food!

worst-food-top-100 More ammunition in our war against mayo, thanks to . The condiment from hell made their top 100 list of Most Unhealthy Food in the American Diet. I would like to have seen it placed a bit higher than 52 but still happy about the negative publicity. And it’s a double dose of negative press because tartar sauce,(infected with substantial amounts of mayonnaise) got placed at 56 as well! Of course, all of us fighting this battle have hated mayo instinctively at a very young age, based on taste, smell and consistency. When you are 5 years old, you are not conscious of any health factors like cholesterol and fat levels. But that doesn’t mean we should avoid using this angle to convert more people away from the devil’s Read more […]

Food Revolution Day

May 19th is being dubbed Food Revolution Day and the health conscious genius behind this endeavor would be Jamie Oliver, star of The Naked Chef, Jamie’s Kitchen, Jamie’s School Dinners and the Emmy award winning, Jamie’s Food Revolution. Believe it or not, food related diseases like obesity and diabetes kill more people than drugs, alcohol and war combined! This video is really a wake up call for taking control of our health, a problem that has no geographical boundaries. Since 1980, worldwide obesity has more than doubled in adults and tripled in children! It’s certainly not a problem that can be fixed overnight but the education and inspiration that will circulate from Food Revolution Day is definitely the right start. At HoldThatMayo headquarters, we fully support this grass-roots campaign cause we are all about helping people make smarter food choices. (and “smart food choices” would never include the empty calories, lurking within a jar of slimy mayo) Massive props Read more […]